September News


Hey everyone! September is just around the corner and with it brings three different shows! We’ve got the ever reliable First and Second Saturday Craft and Vendor Market in Pasadena at the Asbury UMC Parking Lot (September 1st and 7th). These happen from 9:00am – 3:00pm unless there’s severe weather that cuts it short. There are a lot of really great items (and people) at these shows so come check it out!

Also coming up, a new show! Both new to me and new on the scene is the Second Annual Artisan & Home Decor Market at The Village At Tuscan Lakes. While this only its second year running, last year they saw over a thousand visitors! Not only that, but this show is particularly special because they only have one type of each medium, meaning I’ll be the only ceramicist participating. They even featured all of us artists in the Galveston Post, check it out! It’s definitely looking like it’s going to be a great show so come on out and visit!

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